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I’m not quite sure what the world is coming to when a 6-year-old child is handcuffed and put in the back of a police car for having a tantrum in class. The Milledgeville police department was called into a classroom at Creekside Elementary School when teachers were unable to “control” Salecia Johnson. Officials at the school said that Salecia was throwing items and knocked over a bookshelf that hit the principal in the leg during her outburst.

Police officers were called to the school, and they observed the child screaming and crying in the principals office.

In his police report the responding officer noted that he approached Salecia in the office and she “pulled away and began actively resisting and fighting with me.” After she “resisted” his attempt to calm her down, the officer stated that ”the child was then placed in handcuffs for her safety and the officer proceeded to bring her down to the police station”.

School officials say that they attempted to call the child’s mother, but they were unsuccessful in reaching her. On Tuesday police officials said that the charges had been dropped due to the child’s age.

The girl’s aunt  was eventually able to be reached.  She went to the police station and picked her niece up after this horrible ordeal.  Speaking to a local news station Candace Ruff said “I don’t think she misbehaved to the point where she should have been handcuffed and taken downtown to the police department”.

Salecia’s mother told CNN that her daughter has been suspended by the school as a result of the incident, and won’t be allowed to return to school until August.  Initially, she was charged as a juvenile with simple battery of a schoolteacher and criminal damage to property.

In the video above police reps say that anyone who is placed in the back of a police car is put into handcuffs regardless of their age.

There are so many wrongs in this situation.  Have we really come to a point in our society where school administrators have to call law enforcement in to control kindergartners. Usually, the cops are called when a person feels that they are being threatened or their safety is in danger.  Under no circumstances can I fathom that a 6-year-old without any type of weapon could be able to harm a group of adults.

This is the mentality that causes so many of our youth to grow up with a mentality that opposes authority.  How can we expect this child to have a positive view of the police when one of her earliest memories was sitting in the back of a police car with her hands behind her back.  Even though the police department says that she was never placed in a cell, the mere thought of walking an obviously distraught child into a police precinct full of hardened criminals is enough to make me cringe. Really, what planet do some of these people come from?!?!? Instead of treating this child like an adolescent these people decided that it was best suited to introduce her to the life of a hardened criminal before she even made it to the first grade. Stay classy Milledgeville PD…


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  1. Chelle on said:

    I read & don’t they were wrong…they couldn’t get in touch with her folks & if they would’ve laid hands to try to restrain her parents would’ve had a fit about that too. The real question is why is she acting that way & her folks need to get on their job.

  2. brandi on said:

    i’m not sure that i disagree with what the school administrators and police did. the child was “throwing items and knocked over a bookshelf that hit the principal in the leg during her outburst” and “pulled away and began actively resisting and fighting with” a policeman. she needed a good spanking by her parents, whom could not be reached. teachers should not to put up with children that lack discipline and reasonable self-control. i would have called the police too. i agree with the prior commentor, the teachers cannot touch the child to restrain her or they would have gotten in trouble. that child’s parents are at fault her and not the administrators or police. people need to parent their children or the arm of the law will have to interfere. it is a sad case all around.

  3. This is really awful. Think what if this were your child and you recieved a call saying that your child has been excorted by the police to your jail. Instead the school should’ve called the next emergency contact person on the list if they had one if the parents could’nt be reached and had them to come and pick the chhild up from school. Or they should’ve tried de-excalating the problem instead of called the police.

  4. Baliey Olafason on said:

    I truly see some underlying color discrimination in this story, of course we were not there and can’t see all of the details. I have been in this situation and kept the child in my office until the mother decided to answer the telephone 2 hours later. It appears the principal did not have time for this child, yes she has a job to do, but taking care of that child was part of what she had to do that particular day. You say you wanted to make sure the child did not harm herself and others? Well calling the police and having that child leave in handcuffs did harm her. What a terrible decision made by all.

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