One of the things that I believe is totally underestimated by fathers going through custody and visitation issues is the fact that there is a wealth of knowledge floating around to assist those of us who may not know our rights. One of the things that helped me when I was involved in a custody battle was reading books and finding out exactly what my rights were.

In her new book  “They’re Your Kids Too: The Single Father’s Guide To Defending Your Fatherhood In A Broken Family Law System” attorney Anne P. Mitchell tackles a lot of the pertinent issues that dads need to know when going to court for a custody dispute.   The book covers topics that range from keeping your children protected during a divorce to how to handle false allegations of child abuse.

As someone who has experienced a lot of the things that Anne mentions in this book, I can definitely see how it can be useful.  This book gets straight to the point of helping dads find solutions and staying close to their child’s best interest.

You can head over to Amazon or any other book retailer if you want to pick the book up.