With Father’s Day approaching fast, a lot of us find it hard to shop for dear old dad and admittedly, I am one of those people.  It’s hard to shop for the man who tends to not tell you what he desires or what he really wants, so we resort to the usual…A tie

But this year lets make that tie his new favorite

The bow tie is the newest old trend . Normally reserved for black tie affairs, the bow tie has taken its own lane and taken steps to appeal to everyone. When done correctly a bow tie can become the center piece of your ensemble.


The classic tie will always be effective but this year I want YOU to pick something he doesn’t have. Pick something YOU would wear… Pick something that makes him go WOW… And lastly pick something that compliments his attire and skin tone … Bright pinks are not for everyone.


The skinny or slim tie is also one of those things that’s not for everyone. This type of tie works best with someone who has an athletic or slim build unless you are layering something on top, simply because they tend to have less fabric and move more. Also, they tend to show your buttons and with larger people it will also reveal  the largest area.



Last but not least there is the flat bottom tie. These are normally for show and most will have a logo on the bottom or are  made with a thicker cotton, these are great casual ties that you want to show. Do not let dad layer this one.


P.S. Most people can tell me how to clean my shoes to make them last, but not many know how to make ties last.  Here is a tip…After you take them off you will see they are wrinkled , and that’s ok. Take a light iron to them. Roll them and store them in a drawer , tie box, or like me a plastic see through shoe container. I use those to show what ties are where… Happy Father’s Day!!!

 By Fashion Correspondent Nic Giles