Gentlemen ,

 Welcome to Fashion Files with Nic Giles.  In this section we will go over many different aspects of fashion like
 where to buy things, colors, fads, WHEN to buy, and most importantly how to make the best out what you already have.


It’s almost summer time, and this time of year means the same for us that it means for women…COLOR.


Now in this picture we show you how you can add color to your wardrobe without over doing it.  This gentleman also decided to go sock-less and without a belt.


When you decide to  leave your socks at home take the time out to ensure that you  have a higher break on your pants. The break is where your pants fall on your shoes creating a horizontal crease in the fabric across the front of your pant leg. It is simply a result of the length of your pants. A good break is not only visually appealing, but it also lets you know if you’re wearing your pants too short.  For example, if the break comes too high or is not defined enough your pants will look too short when you stand or walk. Ill-fitting pants are a look that will never be fashionable, let alone excusable. One final point, please  be  sure that your skin is well moisturized if  you want to execute this look well.