During what should have been a normal day at a St. Petersburg elementary school a 6-year-old student pulled out something that no one at the school was prepared for.  The kindergartner told one of his teachers “look what I got” and pulled a scale and more than 3 ounces of marijuana out of a book bag.

According to police the drugs belonged to the child’s father, Larry Stephens.  After the child got to school and discovered what was in the bag, he/she pulled out the contents and showed them to a teacher.  The principal was advised of the situation and then the police were called.  A short time later, Stephens returned to the school to get the drugs back, but by that time it was too late because they had already been confiscated by the police.

When questioned about the drugs, Stephens advised someone at the school that he needed to “take care of his business and take care of his family”.

Cops believe that the man claimed responsibility so it was clear that the drugs did not belong to the child.

Stephens, 25, was booked on $15,000 bail and a felony charge of marijuana possession.  Police records show that he has an extensive criminal background which includes several drug charges, domestic battery, and carrying a concealed weapon.  He was also just released from prison in March of this year after serving a 19 month stint in jail for possession and sale of cocaine.

Stephens’ attorney declined comment on the matter.