Diabetes is something that touches all of us.  In a recent article, Men’s Health magazine outlined four things that men can do to lower their sugar intake.

Even if diabetes is not a concern for you, lowering the amount of sugar that you consume can help you if you are trying to stay healthy or make certain weight loss goals a reality.

Check out these four things that you can do if sugar consumption is consuming you.

1. Use Truvia: Ditch the refined sugar and substitute a natural sweetner like Truvia, a zero-calorie sweetner made from Stevia leaves. For diabetics it keeps sugar levels even, but for other guys it’s a good way to cut calories from a meal. One packet has the sweetness of about 2 teaspoons of sugar. Tip: If you can find fresh Stevia leaves, they’re a great alternative to the packaged kind.

2. Spice It Up: When you’re making a traditionally sweet dish like pumpkin pie, you can lower the sugar factor by substituting savory spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, or allspice. Not only is it better for you, the combination of the spices make the dish taste richer.

3. Try Fruit Puree: Fruit purees are good substitutes in desserts, marinades, dressings, or sauces. The natural sugars in fruit can add a sweet punch to any dish without messing with the texture too much. Many fruits like strawberries, pears, peaches are high in fiber, which slows the absorbtion rate of sugar into the bloodstream.

4. Add Honeycomb: A lesser-known substitute, Honeycomb adds sweetness with a bit of crunch without spiking blood sugar levels as much as sugar. It’s made from the nectar gathered by honeybees and can be used as a topping or sweetner in a dish.