Police in Watsonville, CA had to be alerted on Thursday after a threatening phone call was made by 47-year-old Brian Funk. Funk was involved in a child custody hearing in which witnesses say he was very calm.

After the court proceedings were over Funk called his child’s foster mother and told her that he had hidden a gun in the bushes outside of the courtroom and was planning on shooting someone.

After shutting down the area immediately surrounding the courthouse, police later found Funk trying to leave the area on a metro bus. He was taken into a police custody for a mental evaluation.

This is a prime example of how to NOT handle a custody situation. Whatever issues that were going on in his case almost drove him to the point of no return. The fact that he called the child’s foster mother and told her what his plans were almost seem like a cry for help. So it’s a good thing that he at least expressed his homicidal thoughts before anyone was actually hurt. I know there are fathers out there who want to commit violent acts after being shafted by the system. But, that is not the way to go. The way to properly handle any type of legal issue is to walk into the court room like a man, and to walk out like a man regardless of what the outcome is. Despite what any judge says to you, as a father you still have the responsibility of being there for your children. Doing something like threatening to commit a horrible crime only negates everything that you may have worked for to keep your children in your life.