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We often times read about the failures of the education system in America.  This story is the EXACT opposite of anything that you have read that says the system can not work.  Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy is not only graduating 100% of this year’s senior class, they are also sending them all off to college in the fall.

Opened in 2006, Urban Prep is the only all-black, all-male charter school in Chicago and has been sending each of it’s graduates to college for the past three years.

As we all know, the statistics for black men in the school systems of Urban areas often reflect high numbers of drop outs and below average performances.  Tim King and other community leaders in the area created Urban Prep Academy as a way to impact young black men in the public education system.  The school aims to instill self esteem among students with their motto “We Believe”.

Students from Urban Prep don’t just go to college. They go to college and ACHIEVE!!!.  Eighty-three percent of students who graduate from the school continue in college after their freshmen year.

More institutions like Urban Prep Academy are needed across the country.  Their dedicated staff is preparing tomorrow’s leaders for a lifetime of success.  I commend them Mr. King and his staff for stepping up to the plate and creating a way for the young men of Chicago to succeed and navigate their way through life.

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