There is no doubt about it, Will Smith is definitely wearing a lot of hats.  Not only is he an actor, movie producer, and occasional…very occasional rapper his most important job is being a father to his children Willow, Jaden, and Trey.  While promoting his new movie Men In Black 3 Will sat down and spoke with Parade  magazine about a few parenting issues.

Will and Jada are going through the same issues that any other parent faces.  The only difference is that they are raising children who are in the spotlight.  In this interview Will talks about how he keeps his children grounded even though they  are now celebrities who are coming into their own.

How he keeps his children grounded.
“The most difficult part of the whole thing is emotional management. To have them connect to the artistry of what they create rather than connecting to the success or the adoration. Jada and I have been talking a lot about pulling back during teenage years because they are very formative. In the middle of the Justin Bieber tour she saw a Russian ballerina or something and she was riveted. She wanted to go home and take ballet and it was like, ‘No, honey, you have seven more tour dates.’ [laughs] But now she is way gone on ballet. So it’s the difficulty of letting the business go and let them develop in the way that is more natural for them.”

His friendly competition with his son Jaden.
“Jaden has a little bit of a predatory look in his eye. He is so coming for me. I tell him all the time, ‘Son, I am going to teach you everything that I know and if you work hard, you can be the second biggest movie star in the world.’ [laughs]“

On Willow cutting her hair.
“We let Willow cut her hair. When you have a little girl, it’s like how can you teach her that you’re in control of her body? If I teach her that I’m in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she’s going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world. She can’t cut my hair but that’s her hair. She has got to have command of her body. So when she goes out into the world, she’s going out with a command that is hers. She is used to making those decisions herself. We try to keep giving them those decisions until they can hold the full weight of their lives.”

It’s still hard to believe that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is actually raising young adults of his own.  Uncle Phil would be proud!